New pneumatic valve islands are Industry 4.0 ready
Posted to News on 16th Mar 2020, 17:38

New pneumatic valve islands are Industry 4.0 ready

Being fully equipped for smart manufacturing whilst also delivering outstanding price efficiency were key factors in the development of Camozzi Automation's new Series D Valve Island, which is Industry 4.0 ready thanks to Camozzi's futuristic CoilVision innovation.

New pneumatic valve islands are Industry 4.0 ready

The most flexible and versatile pneumatic valve island in Camozzi's portfolio, Series D's CoilVision technology employs sophisticated diagnostics to monitor and predict the impact of wear on the efficiency of solenoid valve parts, alerting users to potential breakage and in so doing, avoiding disruption and machine downtime.

CoilVision technology uses integrated electronics to constantly monitor the operating parameters of the solenoid driving the spool. This data, including power consumption and coil temperature, is automatically analysed and processed by software algorithms to determine the health status of the coils.

Results transmitted from the valve island to a PLC or through WLAN to an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) gateway and onto the Cloud, can then be used in advance to predict a potential fault in a coil, before it can cause disruption. In addition to the diagnostics being captured on a remote dashboard, the valve body also incorporates LEDs that give an accurate indication of health status to maintenance engineers.

Series D has a compact profile that enables it to be used in applications with limited installation space, without any compromise to flow rates. One of its key design objectives was to maximise configuration flexibility, giving it versatility across many key sectors including handling, packaging, food & beverage, paper & printing, textile, automotive and machine tools. An online configurator is available to help determine a unique part number and drawings for individual applications.

Currently available in a 10mm version, with 16mm and 25mm versions also under development, Series D will offer up to 2000NI/min flow rates and a pressure range of -0.9 to 10bar, with 2.5 to 7bar pilot.

Series D utilises the expertise of Camozzi Digital; a new Camozzi Group company created to offer support to companies wanting to exploit digital innovation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). By using the technologies offered by Camozzi Digital, Smart Factories will be able to fully exploit the benefits of the digital management of production, through continuous optimisation of the production process.

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