Anodised servo motor for washdown and outdoor applications
Posted to News on 22nd Aug 2023, 17:30

Anodised servo motor for washdown and outdoor applications

Anodised servo motor for washdown and outdoor applications

Kollmorgen has released the new AKMA servo motor for medium to heavy duty washdown applications, including food and beverage, as well as outdoor use. It is supplied in the UK by INMOCO.

The new anodised aluminium servo motor is highly durable and provides high resistance to corrosion. Designed for continuous duty applications, AKMA is lightweight and provides high torque density. The AKMA is also easy to install and offers flexible servo drive and feedback integration.

The AKMA servo motor is designed for continuous torque, and four motor frame sizes provide high torque density in a compact footprint, extending from 0.5 Nm to 14.5 Nm, with peak torque ranging from 1.4 Nm to 38 Nm.

Durable and hygienic

Thanks to its robust and corrosion-resistant design, the new servo motor is intended for use in environments exposed to saline as well as chemicals with a wide pH range, including food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacture, as well as medical labs. AKMA can also handle all weather conditions, making it suited to outdoor applications such as radar stations and antenna positioners.

The motor’s hardened anodised aluminium surface provides additional durability and resistance to corrosion, making it resilient to scratches, flaking, and denting. A 316L stainless steel shaft with chromium oxide inlay maximises lifetime of the shaft seal, while the vented design and one-piece housing structure eliminates the O-ring to reduce risk of water ingress. Together, this achieves an IP69K ingress rating, making the motor watertight and sealed from dust particles.

With high suitability for a hygienic environment, AKMA’s smooth surface combined with a round body design is easily cleaned and prevents droplets from pooling and contaminating. The corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium coating also prevents bacteria from collecting, while the highest ingress rating means that high-pressure hot water jets can be used during washdowns to optimise hygiene for food-grade environments.

Easy set up

The motor’s lightweight design makes it easy to install and maintain, while a stainless steel hybrid connector with integrated Viton seal supports a single cable connection to the servo drive. The AKMA servo motor integrates with Kollmorgen’s range of AKD servo drives and controllers, also supplied by INMOCO. This includes Kollmorgen’s AKD servo amplifier range, ideal for central control cabinet mounting, as well as AKD-N servo amplifiers that enable distributed machine control. Multi-axis control can also be achieved with the AKD-PDMM amplifier, and the AKMA can also integrate with third-party servo drives.

Feedback device integration compatibility includes Kollmorgen’s SFD3 Digital Resolver bidirectional system that reduces cost and complexity by using a single hybrid power and feedback cable. The servo motor is also compatible with EnDat 2.2 feedback, as well as Hiperface DSL that includes communication of motor shaft position and motor temperature measurement.

As well as the new AKMA, INMOCO provides Kollmorgen’s complete range of servo motors for hygienic clean-in-place applications, including the stainless steel AKMH, and the AKM Food Grade with FDA-compliant paint.

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